“Imagine a jolly smile, a brilliant mind, and fingers that strum a guitar alongside a heavenly set of lungs that can’t help but captivate your ears.  There you have RJ Nordlund at a glimpse” – Phyllis Collar of the 602 Club

Raised in Montague, MI, it wasn’t until he was given his grandfathers guitar that RJ Nordlund knew what he wanted to do with his life.  While working for the United States Postal Service in 2012, he started the Grand Rapids, MI folk-rock outfit, The Carboys, with college friends Anthony Emery, Charlie Merkel, Alayna Plews, and Matt Kuczynski.  After 3 years of extensive playing and a lot of learning the band called it quits.  With many new songs ready but no band to show, he assembled a group of musicians from contrasting backgrounds and called them The Nomad Assembly.  The EP “Nomads Assemble” featured Justin Dore, Daine Hammerle, and Zack Jansen and really allowed for Nordlund to branch out musically and “get weird”.  Now residing in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin, Nordlund plans to take the lessons he’s learned and offer something truly unique, engaging, and honest to the scene.

*Photo by Dave Jackson*